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Jun 21, 2013 9:00am PDT
poverty for the lowest income people. and actually, served as a good stimulus for the economy at the same time. >> i mean, and the meme around food stamps has been incredibly divisive. and really false. and i must play the sound from louie gohmert who is really a one-man band in terms of sound bites and outrageous commentary. let us hear what louie gohmert had to say on the floor of the house yesterday. >> standing in line at a grocery store behind people with a food stamp card, and they look in their basket, as one individual said, "i love crab legs," you know the big king crab legs. i love those and then sees the food stamp card pulled out and provided. he is actually helping pay for the king crab legs. when he can't pay for them for himself. >> so everyone on food stamps is apparently buying king crab legs, eugene. >> yeah. >> they're living off the largess of our government. >> king crabs are going to have to be added to the endangered species list, i guess, according to louie gohmert. you know, it's wrong, number one. it's -- it's insulting. it's demeaning. and it's probably the way
Jun 19, 2013 9:00am PDT
report, now saying that the numbers for immigration reform is good for the economy, it forces upon us a bill that they're least comfortable occupying. they have to say it's for cultural or ethical reasons not economic. >> i think there is an economic aspect, too. the economic recovery such as it is is not broadly felt in the country. there's a sense out there in republican districts and democratic districts that the pie is not expandsing, that it's shrinking. if you're in a place feeling anxious, the idea that we're going to extend citizenship and benefits to a lot of people, that is an anxiety provoking idea. that's the environment we're in. we're in an environment of economic anxiety and therefore difficult issues like this are particularly hard to sort out. i think that the -- you know, i think there's also a sort of credible republican leadership on this too. who can make the argument of the national political argument that actually filters down into the rank and file? >> right. >> no one's doing it now. >> really good pulling it back. if you look at the polling of americans when
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2